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Vocational Training


Vocational Training
Age 16-19 years old


The Vocational Training module of the HSSA's series of teaching tools has been designed to be an off-the-shelf presentation that can be used as part of the employer's H&S induction package,in particular, with work placement students or young people.

Underlying Teaching Philosophy:


  • Young people entering the workplace environment often lack knowledge and experience with regard to the hazards in the workplace and associated risk.

  • The employer is required by law to undertake risk assessments prior to a young person entering the work environment in order to identify hazards and their associated risk and apply adequate control measures in order to eliminate or reduce the risk.

  • Increased levels of control, information, instruction, training and supervision are often required for young people in the work environment.

The Vocational Module is a guide and pre-structured teaching tool which can be included within the induction package.

The presentation can be used for training young people in the workplace.

The presentation can be used for any new employee.

The presentation can be used as part of the company refresher training programme.



A young worker is any teenager between the ages of 16 –19 years old.


Employer Requirements

Prior to the commencement of work the employer is required to ensure that:

All necessary risk assessments have been carried out, identifying appropriate and adequate control measures.

Any identified risks are reduced to the lowest level, reasonably practicable.

Appropriate training is given in order to ensure that the young person can under take the required tasks and
activities safely.


A competent person supervises the young person.

In order to assist the employer with all of the above the HSSA have designed a compact but informative
PowerPoint presentation that can be downloaded and incorporated into the organisation's induction package.
The presentation has been designed to be used and delivered by the company H&S officer or a member of staff
who has the correct levels of H&S competency to deliver H&S training.

Learning Objectives:


  • To ensure that all employees understand the grammar of all types of safety signs.
  • To ensure that all employees understand how to react and respond to the information given on a safety sign.
  • To ensure that all employees understand their legal and moral responsibility with regard to co-operating with the employer on health and safety matters.




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