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Key Stages


Key Stage - Two.
Age 8 - 11 year olds


Underlying Teaching Philosophy

When a child enters Key Stage 2, they are usually experiencing more independence and they are starting to make decisions for themselves, resulting in them taking more responsibility for their actions.


Children at this age are educated to question information and are often requested to work things out for themselves.


It is important at this stage to challenge a child's mind by combining exploration with creativity.


Key stage 2 is about setting standards which will form a guide in later life.

Within Key Stage 2, role models in a child's development both from an educational and social aspect will be trying to inject motivation, enthusiasm, independence and moralistic values. Noticeable gaps in peer groups will begin to show both academically and socially. Children from similar social backgrounds and educational groups will demonstrate a larger variety of interests and skills, resulting in a reduction of interest in other areas.


Children are natural explorers; they will question the level of acceptance. This module of the grammar of safety signs has been designed to challenge a child's mind by combining exploration, questioning with creativity, in addition to requesting an increased level of individual responsibility. At this level the children should start to question the level of risk that would be acceptable not only to the individual but also to others.


The module aims to be complementary to the curriculum, in particular:


  • Citizenship.
  • Art and Design.


In addition, the module also addresses issues surrounding 'Every Child Matters' in the form of assisting a child to have a sense of wellbeing and safety.


A child should be able to recognize a dangerous situation and the instruction of how to deal with the situation through the use of safety signage.



Learning Objectives
Pupils should be able to:


  • Identify the meaning and purpose of safety signs in school and public places.
  • Confidently and competently be able to react to the message that is being delivered through the grammar of a safety sign.
  • Design a sign using the correct grammar, geometric shape and colour.


The Key Stage 2 Module of the grammar of safety signs has been designed to be:


  • Taught over a period of time i.e. 1 half term.
  • Broken down into 4 lessons (plus pre- and post-assessments).
  • Prior to commencement there is a pre-lesson assessment.
  • On completion of the module there is a post-lesson assessment.


The Key Stage 2 Module, can be used as continued teaching following the Foundation and Key Stage 1 Modules or alternatively it can be used independently.

Prior to the commencement of the teaching programme there is a pre-lesson assessment which has been designed to measure the children's knowledge of the grammar of safety signs to date. On completion of the series of lessons there is a post-lesson assessment ensuring that the teachers can measure the child's retention of the information taught. The grammar of safety signs is designed to be an informative tool which will influence children not only in the classroom environment but also provide knowledge that will defiantly be required throughout a person's life.


Each lesson has accompanying activity sheets.

Each lesson clearly states the materials required in order to deliver the lesson effectively.