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Benefits of Membership

Use of the association's quality logo and supporting literature/cds.



Members get the prestige and status that result from:

  • Being part of their industry's trade association.
  • Having the opportunity to be part of joint marketing campaigns designed to benefit members.
  • Understanding and uniting with colleagues on technical and business issues.

Access to association resources including technical experts.
Regular meetings allow members to:


  • Discuss and absorb the latest developments in the UK and International Legislation.
  • Consider the implications of impending British and International Standards.
  • Participate actively in the legislation/standardisation process and make a positive contribution
  • to the whole area of safety communication and the consumer.
  • Create an opportunity to learn how to differentiate their products from those of the competition.
  • Learn how to add commercial value through quality and expertise.
  • Set up a direct communication line between members and collective industry experience.

Regular contact with other companies in the safety sign industry allows members to:

  • Discuss advances in industry technology.
  • Debate latest industry thinking on sign design principles.
  • Consider topics of particular interest such as safety sign comprehensibility testing techniques.
  • Profit from industry statistics prepared through the collaboration of members.
  • Resolve company problems utilising the cumulative knowledge of other members.

A single voice - the HSSA is the only trade association specifically for the
safety sign and statutory notice industry.

A collective weight to influence National and International Standards.

A high profile for the safety and statutory notice industry within government and the public arena.