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About The HSSA

The HSSA recognise that the grammar of safety signs is not just about the protection of employees within the workplace, but also children within the school environment and other community and social settings. The majority of people of all ages within the UK will be given instructions from safety signs on a regular basis whether it is within the community or workplace.

The HSSA have actively taken the decision to assist in the education of children, in order to pro-actively reduce the likelihood of accidents. Some 10 thousand children are permanently disabled each year following accidents (RoSPA). In 2006/07 the HSE recorded 3693 accidents involving young people under the age of 20 that required 3 days or more off work. The HSSA believe that by providing a teaching tool for staff to use in the classroom environment, that fits in with the curriculum (in particular PSHE&C) and ‘The Every Child Matters Scheme’ could, Dramatically reduce accidents.

Give essential information to children, which in turn will ensure that children are more equipped with the knowledge and understanding to respond correctly and effectively to a variety of situations achieving a positive outcome.

Provide a consistency in the correct presentation, use and understanding of safety signs.